Min’s 2018 Social Media Calendar

It is here again!

If you are always feeling as though you are chasing your tail with your social media content – if the whole deal feels like a CHORE – if it isn’t all ease and flow for you – this one will take away that overwhelm.

This template is the EXACT spreadsheet that I use in my business to make sure that I am as visible as I can be – this is the baby that MAKES ME THE MONEY – I know that it will work its magic for you too Lovely.

AND this year I have included a FACEBOOK GROUPS section because groups should be a big part of your social strategy!

The spreadsheet is fully editable so that you can MAKE IT YOUR OWN Gorgeous…It is YOUR business and your social media strategy needs to be aligned with YOU and YOUR big picture vision.

This is where ‘2018 is going to be my year’ begins – right here in this easy to use and powerful template – don’t wait!

It’s in your Journal Baby!


You KNOW that there are mindset blocks.
You KNOW that the manifesting works – if you DO the fucking work.
You KNOW that YOU hold all of the answers – if you take five minutes (or a bit longer) to look for them.
It’s on the ‘to do’ list right?
You probably have a small library of the most beautiful journals tucked away in your bedroom or your office – and you MEAN to start writing in them – you really do – but when babe? When?
I began my daily journal practise years ago and honestly, it is hands down THE reason that I achieve so much each day. It is THE reason that my mindset doesn’t have the wobbles often and when it does, it isn’t for long.
My journal is like my own personal therapist, friend, manifesting super tool.
And it can be yours too. If ya wanna let it??
This Journaling Masterclass will be jam packed with all the tips and tricks that I use to make sure that my mindset work GETS DONE daily and in a way that WORKS.
I will be throwing in a stack of journal exercises and questions to get you started on this work;
  • Removing the blocks and fears
  • Getting the money in the door
  • Having the time to do all the things
  • Clearing your head of the chatter that gets in your way
  • Helping you to get out of your own way.
I will share my exact steps that allow me to fit the work in AND make it productive – and that you can begin to implement straight away.
Bring your note book (or even your journal) – there will be lovely, delish, deep dive kinda homework for you to do!
Seriously my journal work has been the most rewarding personal work that I have ever done and I have been through a STRING of therapists and courses and books and trainings BUT it remains true for me that the words in my journal have impacted me the MOST and gotten me the best results – BY FAR!  I want the same for you Lovely!

Authentic Marketing Online – What Does That Even Mean?

I am sure that you have heard the phrase Authentic Marketing being thrown around – it’s kind of one of those Catch Phrases like – ‘Being Aligned’ – have you ever wondered EXACTLY what it means? Or how it applies to YOU and YOUR business?

I have run workshops and trainings on this exact topic for years and the stuff that I teach (when implemented) gets results – it gets traction – it gets SALES.

This is a 30 minute watch that will teach you the things you should be doing in order to;

>> be confident it what TYPE of content to post

>> create a good mix of ENGAGING content

>> draw in your true tribe

>> allow them to get to know you

>> build trust with them

>> place yourself as the expert in their eyes

SO when the time comes for them to BUY the thing it is that you are selling – YOU and YOUR BUSINESS are the natural first choice for them.


You KNOW that your content marketing is not everything it COULD be. You probably know that the very BEST way to engage with people is by sharing your true message authentically online – but what is that anyway?

You struggle sometimes just to get a few thumbs up or a comment here or there right?

And thinking of things to post day in and day out? AAAARRRGGGH

There is a better way – let Min make it easy for you.

When you know your true message – the one that people are WAITING to hear – the THING that you are all about AND you get super doper absolutely clear on THIS message – the rest is easey peasey.

Join my FREE three day training where you will;

Find your true message;

Clarify your true message; and

Learn to get your message out there confidently

What do you think? I have taught this stuff for years – let me get you kicking some online butt too.

If it is time for you to shine – click the link and lets get started

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I offer free 30 minute strategy sessions which take a look at your current visibility online and offer tips and tricks to improve this. For people who have not worked with me previously – click the image to find out more…


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