Messaging to Success

Are you done with putting in the work online and not getting anywhere?

I have spent years making mistakes – ALL the mistakes.

I have spent a fortune on Facebook Ads – that have achieved nothing.

I have posted ALL the selfies on Instagram – and gotten no where.

But then I figured something out…GET YOUR MESSAGE RIGHT AND GET THE SALES! Simple as a pimple.

I KNOW what it is that makes the difference…the difference between throwing stuff at the internet and returning results …and throwing the RIGHT stuff out there in the RIGHT way and making the sales.

Here is the thing.

It’s ALL about messaging. Its about KNOWING what it is that you are MEANT to be telling people…that will build trust and then lead to sales.

Its about being authentic – sometimes to the point that it scares you but doing it anyway.

Its about DOING and BEING more than the others.

SO MUCH MORE that people sit up and listen to you.

And then they see you as the expert at the THING it is that you do.

And then they WANT to buy from you…

So babe…if you don’t want to spend years trying to figure it out for yourself …because time.

If you want a mentor right there in your pocket guiding you all the way with advice that is SPECIFIC TO YOUR BUSINESS…but…money.

If you are ready to do WHATEVER it takes UNTIL it takes…and you aren’t afraid of a little work.

If getting uncomfortable is ok for you …because you know that’s where the GROWTH and the RESULTS are…

Then this is just the thing you need.

I am running my group mentoring program where you get weekly night school LIVE sessions with me.

Six weeks – Monday evenings @7:30PM AEDT

22 January 2018 to 26 February 2018

$397.00 AUD (or 2 fortnightly payments of $210.00)

This is not for everyone, you need to;

  • Be ready to work hard in a small group environment.
  • Be committed to growth and to getting your message out to the world
  • Be available every week at 7:30PM Monday (AEDT) from 22 January 2018 to 26 February 2018… You will be in the BEST position going into 2018 to smash all your business goals with an incredible and clear messaging in place.

Sessions are run via Zoom so you can have your jarmies on and be ready with your wine once the kids are tucked up in bed.

There will be daily support through a private Facebook Group that is ONLY open to participants. I will be in there each day to check on you and answer your questions.

Even if you are feeling like it…DON’T GIVE UP YET!  I have put together all the things that I have learned so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes that I did. So that you can actually start making money from your Facebook page and Instagram profile – NOW.

I will teach you the same process that I teach my clients and that they are using to generate massive sales each day through their online following.

All this for ONLY $397.00 AUD (or 2 fortnightly payments of $210.00)

This is about ALL the stuff that will get results AS SOON as you begin implementing;

  • Find YOUR message that you are called to share with the world
  • Find YOUR tribe and have them fall in love with you and YOUR MESSAGE
  • Get that mindset sorted so you happily and effortlessly climb on your soapbox – shout that message baby!
  • Email messaging in a way that has them running to read your message
  • Turning your MESSAGE into SALES
  • Get your message to the people that matter to your biz – Facebook Ads that generate leads

Are you ready? Jump in here:

Last time Jacqui said “Just wanted to say a huge thanks to Min for running her Messaging to Success – Nightschool with Min. I was a little hesitant about signing up but I am so glad I did. The course had brilliant content that was presented in such an easy to understand way. I moved on in my business right from day one and know this positive motion will keep on going even though the course is now finished for me.”

AND Jess said “Messaging to Success Course. I was apprehensive joining because I’ve paid for a few courses before that promised results and didnt deliver. OBVIOUSLY those courses were NOT with Min because she made sure to show each of us how to apply her lessons to our respective businesses, and we all had very different businesses! Min took the time to check in with me to make sure I was getting the information I needed out of it, and once the course was finished and I did my first Facebook ad she checked in with me to see how it was going. She is definitely not one to take your money and offer no value! Thank you for giving me the confidence I needed to put myself and my business out there! xx”



Messaging to Success goes LIVE SOON!!