Mailchimp Starter

I speak to women in business every week and SO often they tell me that one of the things that has been on their TO DO list forever is to get their mailing list up and running.
And they KNOW how important this is but its just one of those technical things that gets thrown into the TOO HARD basket.

What this is – is the ‘get this thing up and running as fast as possible’ version. Its the course that will have you collecting emails and growing your list in less than half a day.

It will teach you how to do an automated email sequence – in easy to understand and step by step fashion.

This course is not designed to give you an in depth knowledge of Mailchimp. There are so many features that we won’t cover here…but that is the WHOLE point.

Its me showing you the way I do the whole thing – no nonsense and easey peasey.

I promise you – this is not going to go over your head. If you can post content to Facebook then you can get this sorted – and FAST

I have put this together just for you for the no brainer price (so you have no more excuses) of $26AUD…

Check it out here