I KNOW hands down that the MOST powerful and transformative work that I do is inside my journal.

I KNOW that without this amazing tool – my business and my life wouldn’t be half what it is right now.

The proof is when I go back over the last couple of years journal entries and see just how far I have come!

But it is hard to think of WHAT to write about that is going to MAKE THE CHANGES or keep you on track, motivated and doing the work.

So I created my deck of 30 Journal Prompt Cards just for you – click here to buy now

All of my manifesting work finds a home in these cards so you get EXACTLY the exercises that I do each day in my own Magic Little Book.

You can use these the way that you would use oracle cards and shuffle and draw the ‘right’ card for you today OR you can start at the top of the pack and work your way through.

Whatever way you choose, I guarantee;

  • MORE Motivation
  • MORE clarity
  • BIGGER manifestations
  • Blocks moved on faster, thanks very much baby
  • LESS overwhelm
  • MORE direction

It is a fact that the MOST successful people in business (hulloh Oprah, Richard and Steve) all journal – sooooooo do you think it’s time to work a little more on your daily practise?

I created these to make it easy – to give you something beautiful (and they ARE beautiful) to guide you and give you a place to start.

You get 30 Journal Prompt Cards, presented in a gorgeous pillow box AND delivered for only $49.90.

Obviously as my first run there are limited decks available and they are selling so don’t think about it too long –

Order here….