I’m Min!

I believe in living life to the absolute full. I don’t believe in letting the whole thing roll over me. There is no way that I am getting to the end of this ride with anything less than a story worth telling ….I don’t think you should either. I am just like any other girl…I grew up in a country town in Victoria, Australia and left school early to make it in the big world. I entered the corporate world which took me across the world and gave me lots of adventures along the way. If I am honest (and I am) the confines of corporate vanilla-ness never really worked for me. I don’t believe in following the beat of someone else’s drum…and this caused me to feel stuck. Dreaming Big is something I have always done – and coupled with inspired action, I chase those dreams down with dogged determination. So with a background in business and a love for marketing and social media, I started my own social media business.

I found when working with my clients that I almost always ended up helping them with blocks in their lives and business’ – getting them into alignment with what their hearts told them they should be doing and getting the confidence and direction that they needed to achieve their goals.

As a Gemini and a multi-passionate…I am constantly looking for new opportunities…for areas I can grow myself…for new ways to help others…for a chance to do the things that I am awesome at.

And this is it.

I am blessed to work with some amazing clients. Together we overcome blocks that stop them moving forward in their lives and their business. Together we get them visible online and growing their own community of followers.

I sometimes kick their arses and ALWAYS hold them accountable to do the work they NEED to do.

I say it as I see it – ALWAYS.

Even when it is scary, I believe that walking your own truth, without exception, is the ONLY way to be truly happy and to have success after success. Alignment and being true to yourself is a PRACTICE – it is a commitment to YOU by you. It is the promise that you make to yourself that ensures at the end of the day you have peace in your soul.

It has taken me years of this practice to get where I am today. Thousands spent on self-development and business trainings – and I love passing on this knowledge and letting you learn from my mistakes along the way.

So my promise to you is to deliver…the stuff you need to walk YOUR own truth…to have a success mindset…to overcome every resistance as it comes up so those BIG DREAMS can be reached instead of remaining pictures at the back of your mind…

If you are ready to kick some BIG goals – to work in alignment and to walk your truth in your life and your business. If your voice in your head is telling you that its about fucking time you took this thing to the next level – then stick around baby.