30 | 30 | 30 for Instagram

Its HARD trying to come up with ALL the new and fun ideas for your content right?

Well not for me – this is one of the things that I just seem to be able to do – and I do it FAST.

I have been creating content for my businesses and my clients businesses for years – I know what works and I know what doesn’t.

I am going to set myself a little challenge (and you too because you will be along for the ride) – I think that WE can do it…

So here it is;




We sit down MONTHLY AS A GROUP for a laser brainstorming session and we SMASH out 30 content ideas for your Instagram profile in 30 minutes – yep we are gonna move FAST baby. It will hurt our heads – it will push us – BUT the best things come from outside the comfort zone.

This is the way that I love to work….short bursts of really intense work that get results.

At the end, you will walk away with a whole entire month worth of content ideas.

Don’t hesitate – you won’t have to think about WHAT TO POST for a whole entire month….EVERY month for THREE MONTHS

THIS group is $30 per month so the entire three month package is ONLY $90.

CALL TIMES (calls will be recorded)

Friday 22nd September @5:00PM AEST

Friday 20th October @7:30PM AEST

Tuesday 21 November @7.15PM AEST

Friday 15 December @2.15PM AEST

Our brainstorming will be FAST and done in 30 minutes but I have allowed an hour per session to answer questions and to fill in any gaps that you may have missed during the brainstorming – NO WOMAN WILL BE LEFT BEHIND!