It seems to be a bit of a theme at the moment, that the women that cross my path in my business are building or running businesses that just FEEL somehow not quite right.

I remember this feeling SO well. I was making money in the business I had created. The work wasn’t hard, and the clients were coming to me BUT still, I wasn’t EXCITED. I felt like I was walking through wet cement each day to get the stuff done.

I began to follow some thought leaders who were using the word ‘alignment’ and I had never heard it before. I was like ‘what the fuck is alignment’ and what does it ACTUALLY mean to me? In my life? In MY business?

Then I learned to journal (of course!) and I learned to unpack all the stuff and create a life and a business that IS aligned.

I made that sound pretty simple.

It wasn’t.

It was heart breaking and difficult but SO totally fucking worth it!

AND SO… I have learned a thing or ten about creating a business and a life that is aligned and so I thought perhaps, to spare YOU some of the struggle, I would let you know my top tips:

  1. Create space – Alignment ONLY comes when you tune in. Tuning into your heart and your soul takes practice and the best way to do this is to allow for the space for it to happen. Remove the distractions and the noise so that you are better able to ACTUALLY LISTEN.


  1. ACTUALLY LISTEN – this sounds a bit obvious but SO often we have these little downloads or ‘breadcrumbs’ of inspiration and we brush them aside before we really even process what they are. When you get a ‘half a thought’ or a piece of an idea, sit with it for a moment because it may just be ‘something’.


  1. Get super and totally and completely crystal clear on your priorities and values in life. The things that are IMPORTANT – the ones that are not negotiable. Then only allow those things into your life that are aligned to these priorities and values. For example – above most things, I prioritise authenticity. For this reason, there are NO dishonest or inauthentic people in my life. NONE. It just isn’t a thing – anymore.


  1. Get super and totally and completely crystal clear on your BIG PICTURE VISION. If your daily choices and decisions and actions are not aligned to this vision, then guess what? You probably won’t ever achieve it!


  1. Learn to say NO. Respectfully, from the heart and safe in the knowledge that you are saying NO with a higher purpose in mind – creating alignment.


  1. Stop listening – to the shoulds, coulds, and naysayers in the hoods! LOL You know what I mean? Walk your own truth lady. Don’t listen to those who have THEIR opinion on how you should run your life or your business. Absolutely take advice from those you FEEL to but if it doesn’t FEEL right then it probably isn’t.


  1. JOURNAL – obviously the very best place to unpack all of the stuff and to get clear and start making aligned decisions is here in your journal. Hit me up if you want some exercises to help you begin… its kinda my thing!


  1. Create your offerings from a place of service – run with what your heart and your soul wants to deliver. Don’t put things out there because you are good at them (solely) – don’t put things out there because you see a need (solely) – don’t put things out there because you KNOW they will sell. In fact, some of the MOST aligned things that I have put into the world, I have felt sure (in my mind) would crash and burn and yet BECAUSE I listened and trusted and moved forward regardless of this fear – they sold like crazy!


  1. Feel the fear and do it anyway. One of my most fave clichés is ‘THE CAVE YOU FEAR TO ENTER IS THE ONE THAT HOLDS YOUR TREASURE’. Clichés are clichés because they are generally true. This one has proven itself to me over and over and over again.


  1. SOMETIMES throwing it ALL to the wind and starting again IS the very best option to get into alignment. I have ended relationships, ended friendships, closed my successful business and started again, changed my working hours, changed my clients, even changed my hair (remember the purple?!) and ALL of these decisions have led me to where I sit today. With a business and a life that is more aligned with my soul than it ever has been before!