Everyone in my life is busy busy busy – so often, rather than pick up the phone and have ACTUAL conversations – we communicate by using shortened conversations sent by text.

I am guessing that you are the same AND if you have a lot of those Millennials in your life, then probably even more so!

What happens from time to time is that the wires get crossed with our messages.

Or we only ‘half read’ them.

Or we get the context totally wrong.

Or, like with one of my besties and I – we totally forget that we even GOT the message and don’t write back for days and days because in our heads – the whole conversation has been had and we are done – when in reality, that final message hasn’t been sent yet!

I have people in my life in different time zones, or that work such ridikulus hours that a five minute conversation can span a whole entire week.

AND then there is bloody auto-correct…never, not once, did I ever ACTUALLY write ‘ducking’ – never never never – ducking iphone!

Oh, and PS, if you message me while I am working… when I am in the middle of the flow and getting ALL the writing done, don’t expect an answer for QUITE some time!

That’s not gonna be a thing!

It’s all just part of life really. We usually adjust. Re-write what we are trying to say. Use different words and clarify things.

As a rule – we get this chance. To go back and GET THE MESSAGE RIGHT.

But we don’t get this chance with our messaging in our business.

If our content isn’t super CLEAR. If our message has context that can be misconstrued or taken the wrong way – then baby we are in TROUBLE.

People fly through content on social media. You do it too – I know.

We scroll at lightning speed, looking for something to JUMP OUT and grab our attention. For something that makes us WANT TO CLICK and ‘read more’.

If the message isn’t LOUD and CLEAR and if it doesn’t IMPACT us within a fraction of a second, then we move on.

It takes skill, practice, authenticity and a little knowledge about what works to make sure that YOUR MESSAGE is being heard consistently and by the RIGHT PEOPLE.

BUT when you nail this stuff – your tribe hears you loud and clear – and they love you for it, because you speak directly to THEM.



I KNOW what it is that makes the difference… the difference between throwing stuff at the internet and returning results… and throwing the RIGHT stuff out there in the RIGHT way and making the sales.

Here is the thing.

It’s ALL about messaging. It’s about KNOWING what it is that you are MEANT to be telling people… that will build trust and then lead to sales.

It’s about being authentic – sometimes to the point that it scares you but doing it anyway.

Six Weeks – You and me – make 2018 the year you keep saying it will be baby!