I didn’t create a single piece of content yesterday. Not one.


Because I was FOUL!

I was in a mood that I couldn’t shake – for all of the trying. All of the journaling. All of the grounding. All of the meditating. All of the high vibe music.

I could not get my groove back. No matter WHAT the fuck I tried.

Someone had annoyed me. I was triggered and I could not move on from it. ALL the frowns and none of the smiles.

SO I didn’t share anything with the world because I have learned this one thing and it is SO important.

If I was to write anything yesterday for my tribe – then it would have gone out into the world with MY MOOD attached. It would have had anger and loneliness and resentment attached to it because those were ALL the feels I was feeling.

And EVEN if I was able to hide ALL of this in my words… even if my words LOOKED positive and high vibe and even if they SEEMED to offer awesome value and teach my people stuff. Even if the WORDS themselves were loving and kind – they would have had my energy attached to them and THAT is what would have gone with them.

I truly believe that intention goes along with the stuff we send out into the world. So even if I was to send a love letter, but I was FEELING all the angry and all the sad… the ANGRY and the SAD would attach to the reader along with the words.

This is particularly true if the people you are serving are women. It is more true if they are on a spiritual path or evolving in this space. And if your audience are empaths!!??? WOAH – caution caution caution!

I have learned to be mindful of my energy when I create. I take note of my intention when I write and I send my stuff out into the world with a kind heart of service. Because if I don’t then my message might be the RIGHT words but the energy is all wrong.

Usually I am able to turn my mindset around into a really positive state. Usually I do the work and use the tools that I have learned and life gets brighter and I am back in a higher vibration. But not always. I understand that sometimes you just HAVE to FEEL the sad’s, and the angry’s, and the yuk vibes.

BUT I also know that coming from this place when I message DOES NOT SERVE me or my business… so putting up the ‘closed’ sign for 24 hours and sorting my own shit out first is the very best option.

I have had ten hours sleep since yesterday – woken up and journaled my little heart out. The sun is shining and I feel strong and happy again – AND four whole entire blog posts have flown out of me in the last hour and a half. These are written with THIS brighter mindset and I KNOW that I made the right choice in waiting.



It’s ALL about messaging. It’s about KNOWING what it is that you are MEANT to be telling people… that will build trust and then lead to sales.

It’s about being authentic – sometimes to the point that it scares you but doing it anyway.

It’s about DOING and BEING more than the others.

SO MUCH MORE that people sit up and listen to you.

And then they see you as the expert at the THING it is that you do.

And then they WANT to buy from you…

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