‘I don’t want to be annoying to people on my list’

‘I hate it when people email me every day’

‘I don’t know what to write in my emails’

I have used them all. I have heard them all.

But the thing is this: people join your list with EYES WIDE OPEN and because they WANT what you have to offer. They WANT to hear from you.

It has been proven over and over again that if people don’t want to hear your message, if they don’t want to get your emails – then they leave. They just unsubscribe. That’s ok!

The people that DO want to hear from you – stay. They listen. They learn from you. They get to know you. And then they buy. THIS has been proven over and over again also!

I am on lists of people that email me every single day – but I stay because I know that every now and then I open one of these messages and I get REAL value from them. I stay because I KNOW that I have the power to NOT open every single email.

This is just how it works.

I don’t get annoyed by the messages – unless they are all crap of course! But my point is this: if my opinion of the emails I am receiving is that they aren’t for me… then they aren’t for me… and I shouldn’t be on THAT list… and so this is my sign to move on.

Email messaging FEELS more intimate than social media messaging… there is something about getting a message in your inbox that IS different from the content that is intended for the whole entire world.

When it is written in a way that feels familiar and caring and exposes something of the writer that helps to build my trust with them – I am left wanting MORE of that.

You can only get these FEELS in your emails. It doesn’t happen in Facebook Posts as easily or with the same depth.

So, get out there lady and create those kick arse opt ins – get your list built built built and then get into it and let people know WHO you are and WHAT you do and HOW you can help them.



I KNOW what it is that makes the difference… the difference between throwing stuff at the internet and returning results… and throwing the RIGHT stuff out there in the RIGHT way and making the sales.

Here is the thing.

It’s ALL about messaging. It’s about KNOWING what it is that you are MEANT to be telling people… that will build trust and then lead to sales.

It’s about being authentic – sometimes to the point that it scares you but doing it anyway.

Six Weeks – You and me – make 2018 the year you keep saying it will be baby!