I work with women every single day who aren’t making the money that they want to in their businesses.

It isn’t because they don’t have something of incredible value to sell. It isn’t because people don’t want to work with them or buy their thing.

They usually have a burning passion inside of them for the thing that they do. They usually come from a heartfelt place of service.

And yet…no one is showing up with their credit card in their hand.

Here are some of the top reasons that I see about why this is:


  1. People SELL SELL SELL – every damn thing that they post on social media is about getting the sale. It is overwhelmingly about getting people to buy from them and it turns people away because they feel that someone is ALWAYS trying to get something from them. Their tribe don’t feel valued. Their people don’t feel that they are being GIVEN to.
  2. Women in biz often DON’T sell enough – the polar opposite of number one! They are ALL about giving incredible value for free and then forget to offer a super clear path for people to work with them or buy from them if they choose to. PS there is often some self worth stuff going on with this little baby.
  3. Their messaging is confused. The copy that they put into the world is jumbled and confusing. The message gets lost because they aren’t clear on WHAT it is that they are meant to be telling the world. They aren’t clear on WHAT their tribe NEEDS from them.
  4. Everything has energy. Is energy. Including the copy that we send out into the big bright world. Words go out into the interweb with INTENT attached to them. If they are written and posted with an intent of ‘making money’, if they come from a place of scarcity…then guess what happens? They go out into the world with THAT energy. And so what happens next is that the Universal Law of Attraction kick in and (bless its little heart) – THOSE words attract more of the same. More of the ‘looking for the sale’, more of the ‘scarcity’. Words that are sent out into the world with a purpose and an intention of service and love – attract more love. When the people that pick up your content start loving all over you – guess what happens next? They start buying from you sister – WOO HOO!!
  5. Attention Deficit Bright Shiny Object Syndrome – it’s a thing. Its where you set out on a little journey with a really clear goal in mind. Your big picture vision is locked and loaded. You KNOW what your message is and how you want to get it out into the world…and then…you get COMPLETELY distracted by something bright and shiny. Perhaps something someone else is doing. And you decide to DIVERT in that direction. And now offer THAT thing. Sometimes even starting a whole new business…or three…within a month!! I have seen this happen. Even if it isn’t THAT extreme, allowing yourself to get distracted and pulled away from your BIG PICTURE VISION or the thing that you are called to deliver to the world – creates confusion in your message. People get lost. They don’t feel safe with you because they NEVER KNOW just how you are going to show up for them.
  6. Occasional posting won’t make you any friends online. Simply – people don’t even know you are there because they DON’T SEE YOU. Check your insights on Facebook and Instagram. These will tell you how many people you are reaching. The more content you create – the more chance people will hear your message. Consistently getting yourself out there in a really clear way is how you will be noticed amongst all the noise.
  7. People don’t know you to be the expert because you don’t tell them that you are. It is up to YOU to let people know how fabulous you are at the thing that you do. It is up to you to get up on that damn soapbox and tell the world that you are awesome and why they should work with you. Collect those testimonials lady and get them out there EVERYWHERE. Social proof is still the most powerful way to sell and if you aren’t sharing other people’s words about you, then you are leaving money on the table.
  8. Links that don’t work – don’t get sales. Check your links. Just do that. Everytime.
  9. Relationships need to be built – they take time and effort. True in the real world with ‘real’ people…also true in the online world with ‘online’ people because…oh they ARE real people. Taking the time to actually engage with your tribe and get to know them pays off in spades. You LEARN who they are at a deeper level AND you are able to give them EXACTLY what they need. GOLD!
  10. Not enough of ourselves in our content leads to distrust – hiding behind a logo or stock images ONLY will not show your tribe WHO you are. Be brave lady. Get yourself into your content. Show your belly – allow yourself to be a little vulnerable. I promise that the benefits out way the discomfort of feeling exposed.