This morning I woke up in the FOULEST mood from an awful dream that really shook me.

And I knew that I needed to get to my journal if I wanted to get out of the state I was in and get the work done that I needed to.

So, coffee first – then journal.

And I smashed it out – page after page after page – there was a theme of ‘Not Being Enough’ and I peeled back the layers and realised that this wasn’t EVEN my stuff. The feelings of not being enough were caused by external stuff beyond my control and ACTUALLY I AM enough – obviously – as are you Lovely!

So that done – the mind was more positive, but the mood was still a little dark – not really black but more of a lightening greyish tone.

So, I did the next thing on my list of creating a better vibe for myself and wandered back to the gym (after a little procrastination on account of grey mood).

It was leg day – which is fine – but I decided to do squats for the first time in about 6 months. Last time I did them I had an injury and I have been fearful ever since. And you know how the universe fucks with you sometimes – just to test your resolve? I got to the gym JUST after my coach and all round super woman had injured herself – warming up for squats! Or course!

But I was determined, and I knew that the fear was holding me back – and that’s NOT ok.

Enter self talk – mindset shifting – arse kicking – self talk.

I dropped my weights, warmed up, stretched and chatted to myself as I did.

‘You’ve got this. The weight is easy peasey. It’s as light as a feather. Your form is good. Weight into your heels. Arse out.

AND I did it – woo hoo.

Your thoughts become your actions become your reality – repeat after Min – Your thoughts become your actions become your reality.