I recently did an interview where I chatted about some of the things I would tell myself if I could go back and talk to the Min that was just starting out in business…you know, now that I have had years of experience falling down and picking myself up again. Now that I have had some experience of success and also all the nightmares that come with running a new online biz.

The first thing that popped into my mind was that I would tell myself – in no uncertain terms – to stop being silly about hiring a coach. You see back then, I had ALL the fear about the money coming in the door. So I tended NOT to spend it on the things that would push my business forward. Choosing instead to spend hours upon hours in google and youtube trying to figure it all out for myself. Following successful entrepreneurs online and trying to glean their tricks and tips from their free online content.

And whilst this DID serve me well for a while – it was SLOW and tedious and frustrating.

It was definitely when I started to spend money to get 1:1 with awesome coaches and mentors and when I started buying their programs that things ACTUALLY started happening for me and my business.

So I thought I would throw together my top five reasons for hiring a coach for you – because maybe you need to hear what I would tell the Min of years ago who was up until 3am searching for the answers on youtube!

1. FRESH EYES – When you have someone in your corner with a wealth of knowledge about running a business, it is very easy for them to see the gaps in what you are doing. As a busy mum, wife, biz owner (insert all your relevant hats here); we get so caught up INSIDE the business we are building that it is sometimes difficult to see the big picture.

When I started working with coaches, they would take the time to get to know me and my biz and the way that I like to work – then they would tell me REALLY REALLY quickly the areas that I needed to focus on; the strategy I needed to implement; the stuff I needed to let go of or stop doing. It was like shining a spotlight on the whole show and illuminating the gaps in the process.

Now I am able to do this for my clients and I love this part of the work. I love giving them those ah ha moments that I first got when I signed up with someone. And I still work with coaches a few times a year because of this exact reason. I have learned that I am just unable to see this big picture with fresh eyes because I am SO super invested in my biz and its success that it is almost impossible to step outside the frame and get the perspective that I need to move forward. I have learned that this is only something that someone else can do for me.

2. EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE – when you hire a coach, you are ACTUALLY paying them to ensure that you don’t spend years making ALL the mistakes yourself. You pay them for their experience of failure so that you can avoid some of the things that they got wrong. I know that one of the most beneficial parts of working with someone successful is that they can tell me where they fell down in the early days and actually stop me from having to go through the same thing.

The other thing is that, when someone has been in business for years, they have usually spent a small fortune on educating themselves about how to run the whole show. I know myself that I have worked with coaches who have worked with the best coaches in the industry – so not only am I getting the experience and knowledge that MY COACH has but also I am get the benefit of the experience and knowledge of THEIR COACH too. Its kind of like Grandma passing down a recipe to my Mum and her passing it down to me, with her own take on it….

3. ACCOUNTABILITY – We all have our lazy times. We all avoid doing the ACTUAL work that will push our business forward. Sometimes there are things that just DON’T light us up about this whole online biz gig.

Sometimes where the resistance is, is exactly where the success is too.

I have learned that having someone that is going to check in on you and make sure that you are doing the work that you NEED to do is like GOLD DUST. It gets your arse into gear and ensures that you don’t spend ours fluffing around with unimportant tasks. Procrastination takes a hike and you get SO MUCH done.

I love this about working with my coaches and also working with my clients – there is no room for excuses – it just all gets done regardless. AND when it gets done – money starts coming in – WOO HOO!!

4. DIRECTION – don’t you get lost sometimes sista? I know I do. Shiny object syndrome is an ACTUAL and DEBILITATING disease. You trundle along with the most recent plan for world domination and then – BOOM – all of a sudden that shiny thing off in the distance that someone else is doing – or a spark of an entrepreneurial idea pops into your head – and before you know it you are running down a completely different highway and leaving the plan for world domination far far off behind you.

I love to have someone guide me and point me in the right direction. It is really like having someone set your business GPS and then send you off on your journey. This kind of work doesn’t need to be part of a long coaching relationship and this is definitely how I work best with my coaches.

I jump in for this direction and clarity and do some HARD and INTENSIVE strategy work with them and then I take off on the journey – checking in every now and then to make sure I am not getting lost along the way!

5. MINDSET – Nowadays I have mostly got my mindset stuff sorted – have you heard me talk about journaling?!! But still every now and then there is a little wobble. Back in the beginning it was ALL a FREAKING WOBBLE!!

I was all over the place in terms of mindset. I would make a little money and be flying high for a few days – then realise that nothing had come in for a few days and I would crash into feelings of not being good enough.

A good coach will help you to elevate your mindset and give you the tools to even out these peaks and troughs. When you learn to do this work and how to maintain it – it is truly like a little super power in your pocket that keeps you moving forward.

I have learned that if I allow the doubt and fear to creep in and if I focus my thoughts on this stuff – then I actually CREATE more of this. And my income reduces and the opportunites I have reduce and it is only when I reset and do the mindset work that I get back on track. This is the MOST powerful stuff that I have ever learned from a mentor or coach and the THING that I am most grateful to have spent money on. I would spend it all again ten times over to put myself in the position that I am now where I am able to just flick that negative stuff away – focus on the big picture vision and keep moving forward towards it with a quiet little confident smile.

I want for you to move forward with a quiet little confident smile too lovely. If it isn’t working with me, then there is the RIGHT coach out there for you. Go and find her. Make a start. Find the money. Just jump in and do it – you wont regret it!