What if you just showed up today as the person that you want to be?
What if you just said FUCK IT to all the limiting beliefs? All the things that hold you back? All the fears about being judged? All the dumb arse ideas about not being enough?
What if you just DID IT?
You know those live streams that you have been putting off until you get your hair done? You KNOW that no one really cares about your hair. But if you get your message out there in a really big and authentic way, they CARE about THAT.
Here is the thing.
When I work one on one with new clients, often I hear the stories about how they have done the work. The THING that they have is awesome and they are all primed to really HELP people. They HAVE the ability to CHANGE stuff for people… They have the ability the make REAL transformations for people.
BUT it isn’t working.
They aren’t getting the bookings.
They aren’t making the sales.
Largely the reason for this is that they aren’t showing up COMPLETELY.
They hold themselves back because it is hard and scary and exposing and uncomfortable to REALLY step into being THAT person online.
So we do the work.
In the end? It usually comes down to feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Because the alternative is to not.
And to NOT show up means that you aren’t helping the people that NEED your help. You aren’t giving them the opportunity to transform or change. And that isn’t good enough Lovely.
To NOT show up means that you aren’t REALLY doing everything you can to make your business everything that it CAN be.
So how about if you start today? Or even right now?
If you are waiting for permission – here it is. You ARE enough. Your message NEEDS to be received by the world. SOMEONE needs to hear what you have to say today. NOW.
So get the fuck over yourself Sweetheart. Get up on that soapbox and SHINE the way ONLY YOU CAN.