Is there even a right or wrong way to do this work?

This is one of the questions I asked often but people trying to create a consistent and productive journal practice.

And the answer I give them? Do whatever the Eff you want!

There are no rules. Just like there are none in life or in business. You ACTUALLY get to make it up as you go along.

With journaling – if you are getting it done then you are getting it done and THAT is far more important than doing it CORRECTLY!

The thing about doing actual work in your journal is that you get bigger results, faster, if you FEEL the FEELS. I find the best way to get into the emotion of the work (you know where the results and change sits) is to sit and write it out on paper. When I am doing this kind of journaling my most favourite is to use a lead pencil because I love the creativity of forming cursive and beautiful letters as I journal out all the dreams and manifesting work.



Writing in a paper journal with a pencil takes for-fucking-ever!
So this type of journaling, although it is my favourite AND most productive isn’t something I do daily.

My daily work for my mindset and planning and manifesting is done on a word document on my laptop. Each morning at about 5.30am.

This is the time I find my mind creates best and manifesting and journal work is all about creating. I like to do this before the world gets up and before my mind kicks into gear and I am more easily able to allow the flow.

I type super fast – in fact I think I am heading towards 100,000 words in my typed journal for the year!

Your journal work is your journal work – I 100% believe that it should be intuitively led – your higher self KNOWS what you need.

So TODAY if you NEED to write in a beautiful paper journal in gorgeous writing with an expensive fountain pen…do THAT!

If you NEED to smash out a guzzilion words on a word doc and almost break the keyboard in the process – THAT’s what you need babe!

Essentially getting it done is THE most important thing right? RIGHT!