Sometimes it can feel like the whole world wants something from you doesn’t it

Everyone is asking SOMETHING of you, and all you really want to do is to dig into your business and start tackling that ever growing ‘to do’ list.

When you finally get 30 minutes to log on – you are faced with a list SO long from adding to it and not crossing things off – that you just want to slam the laptop shut and walk away to a corner somewhere with your blankie. Or maybe that’s just me!?





I did this work years ago in my journal and I revisit it over and over again.

I found, in my journal, the areas in my life that I wasn’t setting the boundaries. I worked through the reasons I was doing this –what the exact sabotages were that I was allowing. Where could I tweak and change? Where did I really need to push back? I found the things I was avoiding in my relationship boundaries and my self-boundaries and why.

The next piece of work that I did all those years ago was about working through my priorities for my business and my life.

What was it that I REALLY wanted to achieve. How did I ACTUALLY want my life to look? And what was I doing right NOW that wasn’t allowing this?

When you revisit your priorities and your values in this way; when you REALLY dig deep and look at the EXACT things that you do daily; when you check in with yourself and see if ALL the things are aligned with your truth and your vision….that’s where the gold is baby.

Finally, the mindset.


Often we allow the negative stuff to creep in and take the fuck over. Its normal. Its ongoing. It actually doesn’t EVER stop. Not completely.

Once you remove one block or shift through one sabotage – there is always another sitting in the wings waiting to step up to the spotlight. This is why this work is so important as an ONGOING thing.

This is why a consistent journal practice is so fucking important for me.

And it should be for you too.

80% of the work I do in my business is THIS work. The mindset work. Either for myself or with my clients.

My clients come to me lacking confidence and without clarity. It is in their journals and in our sessions that we work through this stuff so that they can step out into the world and show up in a BIG way as their most authentic selves. They can confidently be their own brand AND start making the sales as a result.