If you are holding back – ima gonna tell ya!

You may not like what you hear and you probably won’t like the delivery – in fact, sometimes you may be hating on Min.

That’s OKAY!

It’s my job to get your arse ALL the way outside your comfort zone. If you get angry at me, cool. If you feel sick with fear, OKAY, we are on the right track.

I don’t have time for all the fluff and niceties when it comes to my clients. They pay me well. They pay me to push them to the next level in their businesses.

I am not being paid to stroke any egos or make anyone feel better about their excuses. I WILL NOT EVER stroke your hair and tell you it will be ok… unless you tell me first that you COMMIT to doing the work.

Because this is how it works… if it isn’t working… there is a gap somewhere.

When I do strategy sessions with people, they come to me because something isn’t working. They aren’t receiving that cash that they want to in their businesses. Or they aren’t receiving any cash at all.

Often, I hear them tell me that there is nothing wrong with their products. That there is nothing wrong with their process. That there is nothing wrong with their content and marketing – they have done ALL the things. And also, there is nothing wrong with their mindset.

Hhhmmmm so where is the whole thing falling down do you suppose?

Enter stage left… victim mindset!

And THIS is where I get up on my soapbox.





IF you are ACTUALLY doing ALL the work that you need to be doing….

If you are CONSTANTLY working on your mindset and becoming a better version of you…


And ONLY then…

Does the stuff stick and it all works.

And if it isn’t – then you aren’t. FACT.

Kid yourself until the cows roll in the gate baby. It makes no difference to me.

BUT if you are ready to ACTUALLY look at the things that aren’t working AND you are ready to make the changes  – AND you are happy to hear that you and your business aren’t perfect (um hulloh, just like ME and MY business – because none of us are) – then lets chat hey?

PS if you have just read through this and though ‘is this about me?’ then it probably is – but not specifically you. No single person has been targeted in this particular rant and no small animals have been harmed in its creation.