I saw this sign today… and it made me think about all the people that I have worked with whose BIGGEST issue in their business is that they are not making the sales… EVEN THOUGH… they are creating content AND putting their message out into the world.

So why is it then, that they are not having people beating down their doors to buy from them or book with them or work with them?

I mean, after all isn’t this what Min is ALWAYS banging on about? #listentomin
That IF you get your message out into the world in a way that is authentic – then the people come and then they get to know you and then they buy from you right?


The key thing that is missing here is CONSISTENCY…

You see what most people miss is the consistency element of the whole show.

They are SCARED that they will come across as too salesy. That people will get sick of hearing about the thing that they have to sell.

They don’t want to get all up in peoples faces.

And I get it – I really do but here is the facts as I know them to be;

When people tell me that their latest THING isn’t selling… the first thing I do is to check out their social media and see HOW OFTEN I can see their ‘thing’ appearing with a really clear call to action attached to it.

Often (TOO OFTEN) they are lamenting that they HAVE been talking about their ‘thing’ and STILL no one buys. And what I see… is maybe one post two whole entire weeks ago that talks specifically about the ‘thing’ AND has a really CLEAR WAY TO BUY IT…

It’s a bit like this sign that I passed… it’s a half arsed effort at advertising on a good day…

Then it is propped up against a telephone pole in a street with minimal traffic…

In the HOPE that someone that NEEDS this service happens to turn their heads and notice it.

AND it works the same way on Facebook and Instagram… if you post ONE POST about your ‘thing’ it is ONLY going to reach a limited number of people.

THEN you want to hope that they aren’t quickly scrolling on their phone during the ad breaks on TV.

THEN you want to hope that they NEED the thing that you are selling – TODAY
AND that they bother to click on your link to buy.


IF you ALLOW them to see your thing OFTEN and with consistency – they are more LIKELY to take in your message and perhaps be of a mindset to BUY when they see ONE of the MANY posts that you publish.

Do you see how it works?

Don’t let your promo content be the sign propped up on a telephone pole…

Get your product or service out into the world via your content MULTIPLE MULTIPLE times and GIVE YOUR TRIBE A CHANCE TO SEE IT!

You wont regret it – promise M x