When my parents moved us to Australia in the late 70’s, there was enough money to buy a home that happened to be ex government housing.  Like all the other houses in the street, it was privately owned and renovated and beautifully kept.

It was, however, still very much a low/middle class area…with an overwhelming working class mindset to go along with it.

At some point in the early 80’s the government decided to build a new housing estate for public housing clients. This development began right next door to us.

Many of the people that moved in were good people…but often the struggle turned them bitter, dishonest, angry people…living welfare cheque to welfare cheque can do that. They did whatever they had to in order to make ends meet and to provide for their families.

A young mum moved in with her beautiful girls next to us and for the next few years, I obtained my sex education by opening my bedroom window (just a little) and listening to the conversations that came over the fence. She was running a brothel from her little home and although I probably didn’t understand the word at the time – it didn’t take me long to figure it all out!

Many times, my poor old dad had to go and ask some trucker to move his semi-trailer from our front lawn.

Overwhelmingly, the area had a Bronx feel to it…. And an attitude to money to go along with it.

The rich were bastards and could not be trusted. They were ‘our’ bosses and likely out to rip us off in one way or another.

If you had ‘special’ things, you didn’t use them for fear of damaging them.You weren’t encouraged to strive for more because ‘who do you think you are? Better than the rest of us?’

When I look back on my time growing up here, I don’t really remember the struggle. I remember the friendships and its hard not to; the boy next door is STILL one of my besties, as is the girl I used to fight incessantly with from right across the road. In fact, 40 years on, we are back living across the road from each other and we STILL don’t always see eye to eye!

I remember the friends of my parents who were successful business owners and who lived in the next estate from us. I remember being inspired by their money, their drive, the art and fine things in their home…and their home itself. They showed me that by your CHOICES in life…you can DECIDE what your life looks like. You can CREATE whatever life that you want to have.

These were the ‘rich’ that people loved to hate – but I knew them to be good and kind and generous people – who happen to have more money than most that I lived near.

And I guess, looking back, I could easily have fallen into the trap that many did; that you were dealt your lot in life and that is where you sat forever, in terms of socio economic placing. That you shouldn’t try to climb out of this ‘class’ or standing in life. That you should remain loyal (weirdly) to the class that you were born to.

But even as a child, I called bullshit on that notion.

I have spent so many years, beginning in my teenage years, reading self development books and gaining a realisation that you get to DECIDE your mindset AND that your mindset then DECIDES many of the outcomes in your life.

I learned through one of my business coaches that most of the money mindset stuff that holds us back is simply CONDITIONING…that we can CHOOSE to continue to hold onto or LET GO…

I have learned to release SO MUCH of this conditioning – from way back when I was a child all the way up to today – and man it makes such a difference to both my outlook AND the money that I make.

When you DECIDE that this stuff is not going to stick anymore.

When you DECIDE what your NEW money mindset is going to be AND you completely STEP INTO that – magic happens.

Go on – try it  – I dare ya!