It’s about listening and looking for the messages AND trusting to follow them…
I met with a brand new shiny and completely awesome new client for the first time. An ex lawyer, she was FULL of enthusiasm for her new coaching business.
During our conversation she mentioned that she felt that there was a way to bring together her experience as a lawyer and her skills as a coach and use them in a way that would help her clients even more. She was sure that this was possible but was getting frustrated because she couldn’t see clearly HOW this would look.
I sat with her question for a little while and then I told her that I felt strongly that this was her intuition having a bit of a chat to her. I felt that her SOUL was calling her in a particular direction – but to be honest, I couldn’t see it either.
I felt that she would see a clear path herself REALLY soon – if she kept looking. So I told her to set an intention – that she needed a sign or a message or a ‘something’ that would lead her forward with this seed of an idea. I told her that I felt this was the beginning of the breadcrumbs that are sometimes delivered to us…little tiny pieces of messages… ideas… inspiration… that when we NOTICE them and collect them altogether, form a plan, or a product, or a piece of content…. or even, sometimes a whole entire business model!
The VERY next morning? I got this message from her;
I have to share this with you. Woke up this morning to a person on Instagram who started following me and she was a coach and a lawyer!!!  Can you believe it??!!?? I immediately msged her asking how she incorporates her legal background into her practice and this wat she responded ” My legal background helps me break down the big picture into details, it makes me very conscious of the language my clients use and it is great for strategy work. Hope that assists!”
The universe really DOES deliver! IF you ask. IF you listen. IF you are OPEN to receiving.
This one is obviously a work in progress but if nothing else – the message is loud and clear that my gorgeous client CAN utilise her training as a lawyer in her coaching business – someone else is!
THIS is the type of work that we do in the SOUL SESSIONS… and the next round starts up 4th September. It’s all about finding the content, messages, offers in your business that are ALIGNED WITH YOUR TRUTH AND YOUR VISION…

You know how you overthink your content? How you edit it to within an inch of its life and then put it out into the world with the intention that people are going to be all over it – and then buy from you?
What if I told you there was a better and easier way that was more aligned with your ACTUAL calling?
What if I told you, that I could help you to create content that was EXACTLY what you were meant to share with the world and that the world WILL respond to?
So it will be worth the effort and stepping outside of that comfort zone!
Here is the thing…
When you get crystal clear on WHAT your message is MEANT to be to the world – and you practise listening to your soul and looking for the messages that we all get – and you get the confidence to get THAT out into the world – your tribe comes and they love you and they buy from you. FACT
So I have decided to run the SOUL SESSIONS.
This is only for women who are not afraid. Who are willing to do the work – whatever it takes. Who believe that they are called to something and that it is TIME to get that something out there.
WE meet weekly for four weeks via Zoom and you will learn;
  • How to find your true message, the one that you are meant to tell the world.
  • Get clear on WHO it is you are meant to serve – crystal clear
  • Learn the spiritual tools and ACTUAL ways that I tune in to find what it is I am meant to tell the world
  • Get a box full of confidence and conviction to get it all out there – in YOUR way – to YOUR tribe
  • Learn the strategy of creating lots of content that comes from a heart centred space in a really short amount of time – this will be the actual way that I create my content.
Last time Tanita said: Min, your Soul Sessions were fabulous. Not only did I learn to trust myself more and my intuition but I also got to meet some other awesome ladies who are on the same journey and boy did they make me giggle. Through these sessions I was able to gain the clarity in my business that I needed so thank you.
So what do you say sista? Are you one of the Special Ones to get this training that will dive deep into your soul and help push your business to another level?
If it’s a HELL YES that jump on the link HERE.
ONLY $210 for the four sessions.
We go live every MONDAY from the 4th September at 7.30pm AEST.