I have done it…

Posted in some random Facebook Group asking for an opinion on branding colours or logo design – hoping against hope that someone would tell me which one would make me the most money and why!

I have even recruited a panel of well meaning but completely unqualified friends as a focus group for the ‘branding’ of some mini course that I was creating. A Facebook Messenger thread was created and a gazillion messages and conflicting opinions were thrown about until it was settled on that ‘this’ was the perfect image and style for this latest offering.

And do you know what happened?

I ended up with a mishmash design that was a combination of the styles and personalities of ALL involved. But my tribe DON’T buy from my friends. THEY BUY FROM ME.


And so – this stuff – actually ANY stuff that you create and put into the world – needs to be JUST THAT – it needs to be YOUR STUFF.

It so super important when you are starting out in business that you do the hard work in this area.

You need to learn to TRUST yourself. Because you DO have the answers.

Because your tribe want YOU.

This is one of the hardest lessons to learn and I see women who have been in business for years that still haven’t mastered this. They OBVIOUSLY outsource all of their content and design work – because they have gotten lost in translation.

I understand that when the diary gets SO full that some stuff NEEDS to be outsourced in order to leverage your time – but I completely disagree with handing the whole lot over UNLESS the person doing the work is very very very very good at stepping into another person’s vision.

At times, I will consult with an artist if I am creating graphics that look unbalanced or have elements that don’t ‘fit’ and I can’t figure it out – good aesthetics is what he is trained in and he clicks his fingers and the problem is solved – BUT here is the thing;

I will never ever again hand over the FEEL of my aesthetics to anyone else.

I am always talking about how the things that take off for me in my business are the things that COME FROM MY SOUL. The stuff that I INTUITIVELY KNOW that I am meant to take to the world. When I push too hard or overthink my offerings – or let other people’s opinions get involved in them – THEY JUST DON’T FLY AS WELL – FACT.

So this is my lesson – so that you don’t have to learn it the hard way – unless of course you choose to;

Take your inspiration from your heart and your soul.

Move forward with inspired action and do it quickly.

Don’t overthink the whole process.

Get clear on your brand, your message, your feel.

Don’t let other’s grubby mits into the creation process – it needs to be ALL YOU.

TRUST. Trust yourself – this is your soul business and you have everything you need already inside of you.

Also – if you want to succeed in business – and I know you do – sometimes you just have to #womanup and make a fucking decision. Because let’s face it – if you can’t make a decision then you may as well be working for someone that can.

You are going to fuck up.

It’s a given.

Fail fast and move on – but don’t ever ever be afraid to DECIDE and then jump in babe!


If you want to get super good at getting your inspiration from your souls and NOT from other people… I have just relaunched my SOUL SESSIONS.

These sessions are so powerful to;

  • Find your true message, the one that you are meant to tell the world.
  •  Get clear on WHO it is you are meant to serve – crystal clear.
  • Learn the spiritual tools and ACTUAL ways that I tune in to find what it is I am meant to tell the world.
  • Get a box full of confidence and conviction to get it all out there – in YOUR way – to YOUR tribe.
  • Learn the strategy of creating lots of content that comes from a heart centred space in a really short amount of time – this will be the actual way that I create my content.

AND it ALL comes from a place of intuition – YOUR INTUITION – so it goes out into the world completely aligned with you and your purpose – SO IT WORKS!


PS EARLY BIRD PRICE OF $140 ends 18th August 2017