I had lost ALL the ideas – I just couldn’t grab them. They weren’t coming at me the way that they usually do and it was like this for days and days and days.

I was stuck!

The way that my clients tell me that they get stuck – but in a way that I NEVER do!

It was school holidays and I had a house full of eleven year old boys. They are NOISY. Even when there was only the one in the house – it was NOISY.

There was food to prepare – often – and then the dishes and the seemingly endless stream of nerf gun bullets either flying past my head or under my feet.

The only reprieve (as most mums will tell you) was the five minutes I got in the shower.

There was so much going on that I forgot to create the space for the creativity.

I didn’t allow the ideas to download.

Usually the ideas for content, programs, offerings just arrive in my brain and I run with it but I had nothing!

The frustration was KILLING me.

Then I realised what was different. I had NO normal routine. All my rituals had gone out the School Holiday Window and were replaced with box fort creation and play dates – and of course those epic nerf gun wars!

No longer was I journaling each morning – I was fitting it in when I could.

I wasn’t meditating or checking in with myself – there was no ‘going within’ time.

I didn’t feel CONNECTED to my intuition as a result.

This is my process for using my intuition to deliver the ideas. Connecting with source and obtaining the messages and content that my SOUL needs to tell the world.

If I am not able to go within – deep – they just don’t come. If I don’t clear the noise and create the quiet and the space – they just don’t come.

And so I realised. And I did what I needed to. I took the time (late at night when the house was quiet and calm) to meditate and journal. I ASKED for messages.

OF COURSE over the next few days the ideas came and literally it was as though I had checked the letterbox after being on holidays for a month. ALL the letters were in there waiting for me!

ALL the ideas were dropping into my brain as though I was playing catch up. Really I was. I spent two days running for the notes app on my phone to get them all down and out of my head.


So my advice to you is that when you ‘get stuck’, just go within. Create the space. Do the internal work and ALLOW the ideas to flow.

THIS my friend is alignment and you can be sure that the stuff that download IS the stuff you are meant to share with the world.

Remember to Dream Big!