Pretty obvious right? But often we don’t consider this because we are too busy focusing on the parts of our life that aren’t perfect.

We spend so much time, often, talking about and complaining about… the body we don’t like, the job that doesn’t satisfy us (and probably never will), the relationship that is no longer serving us…

I have had (at least) three conversations with people in the past week that have all been unhappy with one or more aspects of their lives…but more about them further on…

But do we ACTIVELY take the steps to change these things? Do we CONSCIOUSLY make the decisions that create a tomorrow that is DIFFERENT to today?

Not often or not until our back is up against the wall and here is why;

  • it takes commitment to make change or to take steps towards a certain goal
  • These steps will take us out of our comfort zone and into a place that, baby, we don’t wanna go to!
  • The obstacles that we find (real or created) in front of us on our path feel too big and too hard to get around – IMPOSSIBLE in fact!

And so – we make do – we settle – we lay down and take the deal that we currently have…

Not me babe – I am not interested in settling for anything – for me it is a constant journey towards BETTER. Sometimes that means I get uncomfortable. Sometimes it means that I stay up later than I should working. OFTEN it means that I say no to invitations. Every week I question myself but I KNOW this;

That if I stop expanding, I may as well just die today. I am entitled to more. More health, more money, more fun, more everything.

I also KNOW that the ONLY way that I will get this is if I create a path there myself…. regardless if it is uncomfortable… regardless if I lose friends along the way… regardless if I am tired and don’t really feel like it… regardless what the fuck other people think of me.

SO back to those three conversations… for each and every situation, I could see a number of potential paths to change their TODAY into a more ideal TOMORROW. And I am SURE that they have all considered these paths themselves. But here is the thing and how this stuff usually plays out – for the ones that CHOOSE not to expand and grow;

  • You have a dream – the life, the THING, the job, the relationship, the business – whatever. You see it in your mind’s eye.  You can almost TASTE how good it would be to have THIS version of your life;
  • So you be a little adventurous – a little brave and you start to wonder if MAYBE you could actually have this… and how you could get there;
  • and then the challenges and obstacles and distractions and stuff just ALL the stuff dumps down in front of your dream… because you may have to step all the way outside your comfort zone… you may have to force other people out there with you (hulloh all the people that babysat for me and tolerated by absences while I built my business)… you may have to live with less income for a period… you may have to spend some time learning something… you may have to run on less sleep for a while (hands up high here – but guess what? I haven’t died from it yet).

So at this point – there are a few choices to make – when you get to THAT point where the obstacles and challenges appear…

Firstly, there WILL be a way to overcome the obstacles, or there will be a workaround. First thing is to figure these out.

Secondly, the BIG decisions and the ones that OFTEN stop people in their track right here. These are the reasons that we DON’T move forward – that we stay stuck exactly where we are;

Regardless of the discomfort or the difficulty of the challenge or obstacle that stands between you and your dream… are you prepared to move forward REGARDLESS.

This is where I have become stuck in the past – because I didn’t even want to think about getting uncomfortable in order to get the results or the rewards. So I stayed – where I was – even though it wasn’t what I wanted. Even though it probably wasn’t the BEST thing for me. BUT because the IDEA of doing the work was JUST TOO MUCH!

And now? Now I do the work. Every day. I have my eyes set FIRMLY and without compromise on where I am heading. I WILL get there, regardless.

Remember that the Cave You Fear to Enter is the One That Holds Your Treasure. So whether it is getting yourself out there more in your marketing or saying no to invitations or forcing the kids to feed themselves for an afternoon – the THING that is holding you back – is worth getting uncomfortable with for just a little while Beautiful One.