I didn’t mean to and I have been trying to come back for a week…more…but the fact is that I just DIDN’T want to do it.

I usually have a really regimented routine in my business and my life for that matter. I get ALL the stuff done ALL of the time.

I have systems in place that hold me accountable and I show up online REGARDLESS of what is going on for me. BUT the last few weeks I have had a major case of the ‘Can’t be Fucked’s’ – SO unlike me.

But actually, it has been worse than that.

I haven’t REALLY been lacking energy. I just have been completely blocked to doing the work.

I have had the time but then I sit down to do the work and find myself scrolling through Facebook for an hour…or looking at random and unproductive things on the internet… I have spent an AWFUL lot of time colour co-ordinating my excel spreadsheets… and then a period (or many) of staring into space.

SO why would I admit this to you? That for maybe three weeks – I have done sweet fuck all (by comparison to usual output).

I mean, aren’t I supposed to be a Visibility Mentor? Don’t I tell you that I will aim my stiletto at your buttoochi if YOU don’t do the work?

Yep that’s true – but here is another truth for you

This last month – the one where I didn’t push the way that I usually do – was a record for me in terms of income earned. I’m talking cash in the bank – not sales promised but not paid.

So how can that be? I do LESS and earn MORE.

Let me tell you – it’s because previously, I HAD been showing up. Previously I HAD been doing the work. So the posts were scheduled in. My gorgeous team knew what to do to make sure that the wheels kept turning.

I worked WITH my energy and my INSPIRATION and I put stuff out only when I bloody felt like it and I got away with it and made MORE money because I have been consistently showing up prior to this sabbatical.

SO that is the key – when you have the systems and the rituals in place as a norm and you show up as a GIVEN and then you retract for a period – it is all ok and nothing falls apart.


My next call for the 30 | 30 | 30 for Instagram Group Sessions is due to go live Tuesday 18th July.

It’s HARD trying to come up with ALL the new and fun ideas for your content right?

Well not for me – this is one of the things that I just seem to be able to do – and I do it FAST.

I have been creating content for my businesses and my clients businesses for years – I know what works and I know what doesn’t.
I am going to set myself a little challenge (and you too because you will be along for the ride) – I think that WE can do it…

So here it is;
–   30 MINUTES
–   30 DOLLARS

We sit down MONTHLY AS A GROUP for a laser brainstorming session and we SMASH out 30 content ideas for your Instagram profile in 30 minutes – yep we are gonna move FAST baby. It will hurt our heads – it will push us – BUT the best things come from outside the comfort zone.

This is the way that I love to work…. short bursts of really intense work that get results.

At the end, you will walk away with a whole entire month worth of content ideas.

Don’t hesitate – you won’t have to think about WHAT TO POST for a whole entire month.

THIS group is $30 per month so the entire three month package is ONLY $90.

Our brainstorming will be FAST and done in 30 minutes but I have allowed an hour per session to answer questions and to fill in any gaps that you may have missed during the brainstorming – NO WOMAN WILL BE LEFT BEHIND!

Our last month’s call was an incredible mix of fun and getting the work done – we created ideas for 120 Instagram posts in 30 minutes – BOOM DONE!

CALL TIMES (calls will be recorded);
–      Tuesday 18th July @ 7:30PM AEST
–      Friday 25th August @ 7:00PM AEST
–      Friday 22nd September @ 5.00pm AEST

Get onto this link here to book!