I was LYING to myself and everyone else!

I have been on a clean eating diet this week – the start of an 8 week program – and I remember thinking that this new way of eating was not too far removed from my old way of eating.

I liked to think that I ate reasonable clean all of the time – well apart from wine of course!

Then the cravings started. Just then I couldn’t get hamburgers out of my head. I would have cut someone’s leg off for one… and I realised… that maybe I hadn’t been eating ALL that cleanly after all.

When I really thought about it – I would often grab takeaway during those busy late night work sessions. Sometimes I would have brunch at a café while I did my journaling (hulloh sour dough toast). At least once a week I would get something really grotty and fried with Elias.

It would seem that I had been kidding myself.

I spent an AWFUL LONG TIME telling myself (and everyone else) THIS story… and yet it wasn’t true – not even a little bit – not really!

And I was a little bit horrified for just a moment because I am ALL about authenticity and walking your truth.

And I realised that the same is often true when we consider our online presence.

We go along telling ourselves that we are doing EVERYTHING to make sure people see us and our businesses online – but then the sales aren’t what we expect them to be – but it CAN’T be down to us NOT showing up online…. because we really really are right?

Or are we?

I think sometimes we really need to take stock and have a good hard objective look at our content.

Think of it as a little strategy spring clean.

Go now.

Look at ALL your platforms and ALL your FB Groups and ALL your stuff and ask yourself these questions;

Am I doing everything within my power to SHOW UP on EVERY platform and in EVERY space EVERY day?

Am I allowing the world to see a little of me and my belly (even if it’s scary); and, am I doing this OFTEN so that my tribe gets to know like and trust me?

Am I allowing people to see OFTEN a really clear pathway to working with me (one click and purchase type scenario) AND am I giving them ALL the reasons in the world OFTEN to buy from me?

Am I giving incredible value – ALL of the time – for nothing, free and nix? Like no discount, no expectations, no agenda – just take my stuff, TAKE IT!????

If there was a single NO in here or even a moment of hesitation as you read these questions then Lady – you aren’t doing enough.

Sorry not sorry if that is harsh.

I am waiting for the excuses here. I know you are firing them at me in your head. I can almost hear them.

The kids were sick then you got sick – school holidays – demanding partner – part time job – family – friends – social life – the girls had dance concerts.

I have heard them (and used them) ALL.

But here is the thing – brutal but TRUE.

Your followers don’t care if your kids are sick – I mean they probably would because they are awesome people BUT ALL THEY KNOW is that you are not there for them – at least not in a REALLY BIG way.

And Sweetheart? The people that ARE – they are the ones making the sales.

Something to think about.