But the thing is that it is BURNING to come outta me – I literally ran at the laptop to write it and I KNOW it is going to pour out of me so here we go…

**Disclaimer – this is NOT aimed at any person or people in particular BUT if it FEELS like it is aimed at you, then I guess it is. If you take something from it then good. If not – then move on.

I am DONE with being bombarded by women in business that want to ‘EMPOWER WOMEN’ and have NOTHING to offer.

I am sick and tired – like SO sick of being added (without my permission) to Facebook Groups that are all about the empowerment. AND then – I get NUTHIN.

You see the thing is that while this is all a very noble and worthwhile notion and there ARE a whole bunch of women in the world that probably need this….there is ABSOLUTELY no fucking point in telling me you want to empower me and then giving me fuck all.

Because YOU CAN’T empower me.

Only I CAN empower me!


If you add me to your group or throw your content at me and all I get is STUFF AND NONSENSE – you are NOT serving me.

If all I see is rehashed content that you found on the internet – bugger off and find yourself and give me something real.

If your content is one pretty meme after a fucking another – yeah, I might stand with you for a moment and give you a virtual high five – I might even feel better for a moment about my shitty life but then….you know what? I go back to my shitty life and NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!!

SO we need to get real. If we REALLY and ACTUALLY want to make a difference. We need to get RAW and talk about the REAL issues at hand.

We need to take a fucking position – have an opinion – even if it make not be super popular – or feels a bit scary to put into the world.

WE need to stand out from the crowd of meme generating, stepford wive, soulpreneurs that are flooding the market with their rehashed fluff.

AND there is one other thing that we have to do.


WE need to offer TOOLS… a WAY forward… something that can be implemented in order to make the change – in order to take people on THEIR journey (because remember it is their journey and not yours, leave your ego at the door baby) towards THEIR empowerment.

TELL me that you understand how I feel. TELL me you’ve been there. TELL me you can make a difference to me and THEN show me how…

If you don’t offer a crystal clear path to get someone from A to B – from shitty little life to super woman… take that EMPOWERMENT word outta your vocab lady because you aint gonna ACTUALLY empower anyone.

There are sooooo many women that need a little guidance… who could do with someone in their corner cheering them on… and you could be their champion… BUT only if you are brave.

ONLY if you step into being the leader that is inside of you. Because that is exactly what these women need, someone with SOMETHING to lead them forward to a better place.

Get out there and create it – that thing that will make a difference and then put it out into the world without apology and with commitment and conviction – and stop adding me to your fluffy fucking facebook groups!