It is generally accepted that the expert is the one that gets the most sales right? It’s the person that is seen to know their stuff. The one that people FIRST think of when the time comes to buy whatever it is that they are offering. IT’S THE PERSON THAT IS THE MOST TRUSTED. Can you make sure this is YOU? Damn straight you can baby…here’s how;

1. Immerse yourself in your industry
Get involved. Write for industry mags and do some guest blogging. If you are being seen talking the talk all over the place, it won’t be long before you are automatically known as the person that knows what you are talking about.

2. Give incredible value for free
When you deliver and deliver and deliver all the time and you are consistently giving awesome value…you get remembered AND people will start seeking you out for the stuff that you are offering. The other thing about giving great value for free is that people will start recommending you. Sharing your stuff. Giving you shout outs.
So how does this work? What do you deliver?
Whatever your folders want really is the key here. Listen to them. Ask them. Even read between the lines of what they are telling you.
I often have clients telling me about all the things on their To Do list, and all the things going on in their lives personally, and project work or whatever.. Even though they don’t SAY the word ‘overwhelm’ this is what I hear. So I might create a quick training around dealing with overwhelm and the importance of prioritising.

3. Educate
Ok so this one is big. You have the knowledge baby. It’s time to share it. Teach your followers something that they don’t already know. Teach them something that will help them TODAY. Solve a problem for them. Make their lives easier, better, improved.
Give lots of little gems of knowledge often. Things that will pop back into people’s minds as they need it.

4. Be present – consistently
If you are consistent in your content creation AND put loads of content out there, then you are consistently in front of people. By showing up for them consistently and always offering people value, they come to trust that you will be there for them. Remember that if people aren’t reading and watching your message, if you aren’t showing up, then they will be reading and watching someone else’s message. So when the time comes for them to buy your ‘thing’ who do you think they will think of first to throw their money at!???

5. Back yourself
You need to have confidence in yourself. Otherwise how are you going to convince anyone else that you know your shit right? You need to find a way to back yourself, always, in every instance….even if you don’t completely FEEL like the expert.
Remember that an expert only needs to know more than the people they are teaching…Expert is a relative term.
Think of it like this…on a scale of one to ten…with 1 being a novice and 10 being the absolute world authority on a topic….if you place yourself as a 6 or 7, the you ARE the expert to everyone that is a 1-5…
So go find those people and do your thing baby!

6. Keep learning
Confidence in your topic comes from knowing it really really well. Inside out. Without any shadow of a doubt. Unless you are little miss number 10 (see above) world authority on the subject…then it is important to keep learning. This is about being the best that you can be at what you do. Keeping yourself developing. Giving yourself the edge and the confidence to walk your walk. The other thing about learning is that it highlights to you any gaps that you have in your own knowledge…it gives you extra tools to do your work to a higher level…and helps you to deliver even more value.

7. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
Getting it wrong or having failures does not need to lessen your credibility. In fact it is true that often when we admit to our failings, publicly, it serves to make us more human and MOST IMPORTANTLY relatable.
Everyone gets it wrong from time to time. If we are open and honest with our followers about our failings then they will see our vulnerability but also our integrity. This is a big thing in building trust and no matter what the mistake or the failure, if you walk your truth and don’t try to hide the facts you will be seen as someone of character.

8. Get clear on your message
It is so important to be crystal clear on what it is that you do and what it is that you don’t do and also what your message is. Particularly in written copy, if the language isn’t clear and the message gets lost to the reader, then the reader will likely be lost too.

9. Collaborate
Get seen. Make yourself famous. Do whatever you can to get yourself out there. Collaborations are a great way to leverage off someone else’s audience and for them to leverage your tribe too. If you can find a similar mind and work together to create something of value, you will find that it puts a fresh spin on what you do and will attract more of your tribe. This can be as simple as two people in the same industry jumping onto Blab for a half an hour chat on a particular topic. Post a notification to your social media channels and invite people to join in. Or you could arrange a big event with all the bells and whistles. Big or small, its mostly about getting seen.

10. Call yourself and expert
Too often we tend to play down our skills and talents. It feels as though it is not accepted to confidently say what it is that we are good at. I recently had my hair done and the hairdresser commented at the end ‘I don’t mean to brag but I think I have done a good job with your hair’. She HAD done a good job with my hair – it looked freaking amazing. It made me sad that she felt she had to apologise for saying it out loud. Even though she was confident in her skills she didn’t feel that it was ok to say it.
The thing is though, that if you hesitate or hold back when you talk about the work that you do or the awesome thing that you offer, then other people aren’t going to have confidence in you either. So get out your damn soapbox and climb on top of it and start telling people, ‘this is what I do, and I do it well’.

Credit for the photo choice to the kid who picked “Einstein” when I asked who he thought of as an ‘expert’ xx