When all the odds are stacked against you – break out your WARRIOR

Sometimes it feels like everyone and everything is out to get you and you just want to crawl back under the doona and hide for a really really really long time. You don’t want to do the work – even though there is work to be done and even though you have that nagging voice in your head telling you that if you don’t do it then who will?

And if not now then when?

And that despite all this ‘stuff’ going on for you that you really should pull up those big girl pants and get the fuck on with it.

So where do you regain that focus from?

What is it that you can use to keep you going?

Inspire you?

Sometimes it is about reframing the whole deal and getting some perspective in these things. Finding gratitude for the things and the life that you have despite the adversity that you are feeling.

Everyday, as part of my daily practice, I read something that inspires me. That keeps me driven and focused on the work I need to do.

I follow a number of online entrepreneurs, mostly kick arse women. One of them that I found last year is Phillipa Wirangi. I had not been following her all that long when I saw a post in a business Facebook group that we were both in, asking for prayers for Phillipa and her family.

SO I read the story and I cried. I cried for a woman I had never met. I cried for her family. I cried for her mother in law. And I followed the story as the nightmare unfolded in the next months for this woman and her handsome little boy, Eli. And I felt pain with every word that I read.

Phillipa had taken a call early in the morning, a few days before Christmas, from a family member. Her almost two year old son was visiting there and had just been found unconscious in the pool. Phillipa got to the house to find the paramedics working on little Eli and they continued to do so for 45 minutes until, at the hospital, they found a weak pulse.

The story played out over the next weeks. I know that there were many of us following the story online and praying for something good to happen for Eli. Sending whatever positive stuff we could muster from the universe.

Phillipa kept posting when she could, keeping us up to date and hopefully feeling our support and love.

These are some of her words;
Hooked up to a ventilator for life support, tubes coming out of every limb, his mouth, his nose, a catheter, I broke down again when I was finally able to see my baby once he had been transfered to pediatric ICU.
I touched his face, ever so gently, it was so cold. I touched his foot, and it felt like he was dead.
I couldn’t believe it.
That my little boy, who was so clever and strong and determined that he could do anything he wanted to, was lying lifeless in front of me.

How could this be real?

And then;
On the third day, Thursday evening, we had a family meeting with the Dr.
He told us the same things he’d been saying from day one.

“Eli has had a catastrophic injury to his brain…”
“He was without oxygen for a long time…”
“…that means that he’s very likely to have severe brain damage.”
“He won’t be able to walk, talk, eat by himself, won’t have his personality – won’t have any personality.”

It hit me. This is real. It all actually did happen.
My baby nearly drowned and now he’s laying in ICU, in a coma, with a ventilator for life support.

I felt numb.
Christmas day came and went like a blur.

I continued to follow Phillipa’s story and sat in a space with her (across the country) with hundreds of others as they took Eli’s ventilator out – to see if he could breathe on his own. And he did!

I hear how Eli improves a little with each day and how Phillipa holds strong to the hope that her boy will come back to her somehow in some way. The strength that little Eli has shown and his mumma too is incredible. They continue their journey and I continue watching their story and praying for more and more good days for them.

But do you know what has struck me the most out of this whole story? What has stayed with me and driven me on even on the days when I actually couldn’t be fucked or everything was going wrong?
Phillipa kept working….not at first of course…but soon after…so soon after…she kept serving her clients…she kept delivering incredible value to her community…she kept using her story, however painful and awful, to tell her tribe that no matter what…you can keep going.

She wrote to me that focusing on the bad in life doesn’t do anyone any good and that it is her business that has kept her feeling sane along with the fact that she is helping others through what she does.
The fight and the passion and the drive that this woman has is nothing short of incredible to me. There is an image that was posted at some point along the way of ‘her new office’ it showed her laptop open on Eli’s hospital bed.

This is what comes into my mind when I am tired and want to stop for a while. When I think that I will serve my people tomorrow. When it is all TOO HARD!

Each time – this story comes into my mind

And I realise that Phillipa and Eli both have that warrior inside them that just doesn’t give up – no matter what.

I have it too.

You do as well.

If you let yourself.

Phillipa has started using the hashtag #EliTheWarrior and it is so right.

I know that both these warriors are staying with the fight – I fully plan to stay with mine – how about you?

Check out this incredible lady here she is a powerhouse, you won’t be sorry