I am amazed at how much work I can ACTUALLY get done when I completely have my head in the game. I am also amazed at how much I can get out of other people…when I PUSH.

When they ALLOW it.
When they WANT the results.

When they are prepared to LEAVE THE EXCUSES behind.

Think of a number – the cash amount you want to make by the end of the month. Got it? Are you ready to get out there and hustle that cash in the door?

Sometimes having someone checking in on you at the end of each day can be exactly what you need to get you to take BIG ACTION.
So this is what I have created. The MINistry 10 Day Intensive.
A space for no excuses – just massive, inspired work and incredible results in a REALLY REALLY short amount of time.

You have a one on one 30 minute laser intensive session with me. We will set your goals for the 10 day intensive and create a list of actions that will get you there. At the end we will meet again 1:1 to review and set you off on the same MASSIVE ACTION path for the next month.

Then over the next ten days I will make daily contact to make sure that you are doing the work – AND YOU WILL BE DOING THE WORK.

Whatever it is that you want to achieve – we can do it in ten days.
• Build your Facebook Group
• Launch an online training program
• Sell X amount of your product
We will create content specific to your goals.
You will PUSH harder than you have before.

I will be behind you with my stiletto aimed squarely at your BUTTOOCHI!

The MINistry 10 DAY INTENSIVE | Content Creation | Goal Setting | Doing the eFFing work

The ones that jump in get so much achieved with this intensive and the price makes it an EASY Hell Yes! So don’t overthink it. If your gut says jump THEN BABY JUST JUMP

Yeah – you probably can kick your own arse for 10 days…but will you?

With me holding you accountable, imagine how much more you can get done.

For $147 AUD  $99 ONLY (avail until the 31 December for bookings in January) you get;
Two x 30 minute 1:1 intensives with me – one to kick us off and one at the end of the ten days
Daily inspiration and direct contact and accountability and arse kicking as required for TEN DAYS.
Daily exercises to keep you motivated and on track.
Don’t leave it – jump in here now!

>>>$99 ONLY (avail until the 31 December for bookings in January)<<<

AND as an extra juicy bonus…the FIRST TEN people to book a TEN DAY INTENSIVE in 2018…will ALSO get a month’s free subscription to the MINistry of Online Awesome.

AND as an extra extra juicy bonus…the FIRST TEN people to book a TEN DAY INTENSIVE in 2018…will also get a ‘Review Your Results’ 45 minute session with me, to be booked in the month after your TEN DAY INTENSIVE.

For this special group of 10 fast action takers – the value you will receive for this package is $400 BUT you can have it (if you are quick) for only $99!!!