I am Min, I help women gain clarity in their message and confidence in their online marketing so that they draw in their true tribe and transform their business.

I help women level up their lives and their businesses by working with them to walk their truth and tell their message authentically, overcoming any resistance along the way. THEY ALMOST HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER (just like me) and intuitively already KNOW a lot of what I teach but sometimes they need to have it shoved up in their faces a bit 😉 The women I work with have incredible drive and a willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed. They are not afraid to put themselves out there. Not afraid to take the risks. Not afraid to fail and jump back in again. These women want to grab life with both hands and live it completely on their terms. They get the interconnect between the soul, mind and body and KNOW the need to care for  all of these in order to stay in alignment and be the best versions of themselves. They are successful for the simple fact that they don’t give up. No quitters or victims here. Just women who won’t take no for an answer but they figure stuff out and keep fucking going until they get what they want. These are cool chicks. They attract people to them because they are fun and positive and have an energy that people naturally want a piece of.

The work is about getting CLARITY in the message that we tell the world; getting the CONFIDENCE to get it out into the world, consistently and in a way that impacts people; then implementing the strategy to make the SALES in a way that is aligned and flows. Easy!

Melissa said;

I was so scared! I was scared to put a price on my work. I was scared to put my work out there to be criticised. I was a timid little mouse about to walk into a great big scary world. But Min?? Min was so excited! Min saw my potential! Min believed she could show me the way, and Min was RIGHT!! …Min walked me thru content, blogging, posting selfies and letting myself shine for the outside world to see… And it went on – my business was REAL! I had clients! Who PAID me! I had a following. I had a fire in my belly to get out of my own way and be seen! …So do yourself a favour, get this woman in your corner and get ready to do the hard yakka! And watch out for her stiletto up your butoochi when you “don’t wanna” or it gets “too hard”.. you’ll thank her for that later!!

Min may you always know what a blessing you are

Tanita said;

Min was exactly what I needed at the right time. Not only the perfect person to get me up to speed on Instagram (with a quick, no fuss workshop!) she also dabbles in a bit of life coaching, soul searching and butt kicking along the way.
I thoroughly recommend getting on board with Min, she’s so patient and understanding and really understands where you’re at and where you want to go. Thanks so much lovely lady! I look forward to working with you more in the future.

Rebecca said;

Feeling so inspired tonight, I just had a one on one session with Min Giannini she is a goddess of a woman who has not only helped me grow my business but helped me to step into my own power and believe in myself. Ride out the bumps, maybe even try to enjoy them, but never give up on your dreams.

Jane said;

So I suppose some of you close to me have wondered. How I’m understanding to develop myself as a business woman…
I have many amazing mentors and people who give me great advice, but this woman, Min Giannini has held my hand, watched me cry, drunk wine with me, celebrated my wins of self confidence, encouraged me to find my voice again, given me the tools to develop my business and find Jane again.
She is incredible at what she does, helping women in business plus so much more.
We met through a common connection, and it began as a business exchange. But it has become so much more. I also now call her my friend. xx

Angelika said;

Thanks Min Giannini for getting me to step up and so out of my comfort zone.!!!! Thank you for giving me the confidence to follow my dream and for dreaming bigger than I thought possible. You are the most awesome coach and ideas person. It is a privilege being part of this group and also feeling supported by like minded people

Mandy said;

Why have I been trying to exist without the help of this amazing woman for so long?! Within the first five minutes of our free strategy meeting, Min had solved all of the problems I knew I had (how to effectively target Facebook advertising for one) plus a bunch I didn’t!

With the perfect balance of praise and diplomatic criticism I have gained so much clarity and insight, and have gone from completely stabbing in the dark and hoping (I am really good at hoping mind you) to knowing EXACTLY how I need to push on right at this moment. I can also see how we’ve only brushed the tip of the iceberg in terms of where I can take my business and I am now permitting myself far loftier goals than I had first imagined.

Min is a gem. Have a chat with her.