Hey! I am Min, I help women gain clarity in their message and confidence in their online marketing so that they draw in their true tribe and transform their business.

I help women level up their lives and their businesses by working with them to walk their truth and tell their message authentically, overcoming any resistance along the way. THEY ALMOST HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER (just like me) and intuitively already KNOW a lot of what I teach but sometimes they need to have it shoved up in their faces a bit 😉 The women I work with have incredible drive and a willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed. They are not afraid to put themselves out there. Not afraid to take the risks. Not afraid to fail and jump back in again. These women want to grab life with both hands and live it completely on their terms. They get the interconnect between the soul, mind and body and KNOW the need to care for  all of these in order to stay in alignment and be the best versions of themselves. They are successful for the simple fact that they don’t give up. No quitters or victims here. Just women who won’t take no for an answer but they figure stuff out and keep fucking going until they get what they want. These are cool chicks. They attract people to them because they are fun and positive and have an energy that people naturally want a piece of.

Debra said;

Min just wanted to give you a huge shout out – I watched your Instagram workshop – I have managed to move from 130 followers (it was like that for months) to over 800 this morning (just two weeks later) and growing – now I just have to work out how to advertise on there.

Nell said;

I don’t normally write testimonials but I have just finished a package of mentoring /coaching with Min & I felt compelled to write this! I am so happy with the progress I’ve made with my business in the time that we worked together. Min is so very, very easy to relate to you find yourself relaxing immediately which makes the actual work happen so much quicker. Min has the ability to comment with a laser like clarity, teach super effective social media strategies & always with a focus on the long term future of your business. Her ability to really bring you back to your core values and intent in your business is extraordinary & a skill not found just anywhere. She will always be straight with you, hold you accountable and push your comfort zone enough that you & your business grow. Book her now for mentoring. You won’t look back!

Penny said;

Working with Min has made me become inspired and I feel much more motivated in my business.

Without this work my business wouldn’t be doing as much as it is – it wouldn’t be moving forward the way that it is – I would be stuck without Min!

Learning to use Facebook advertising has been a revelation. My business gets much more exposure and my website more clicks and my Facebook page, more likes.

Min pushes me to think outside the box, there are always new ideas. Actually Min is pushy!

Mandy said;

Why have I been trying to exist without the help of this amazing woman for so long?! Within the first five minutes of our free strategy session, Min had solved all of the problems I knew I had (how to effectively target Facebook advertising for one) plus a bunch I didn’t! With the perfect balance of praise and diplomatic criticism I have gained so much clarity and insight, and have gone from completely stabbing in the dark and hoping (I am really good at hoping mind you) to knowing EXACTLY how I need to push on right at this moment. I can also see how we’ve only brushed the tip of the iceberg in terms of where I can take my business and I am now permitting myself far loftier goals that I had first imagined. Min is a gem, have a chat with her.

WE HAVE A FREE FACEBOOK GROUP – Its called the Powerhouse Collective

This is where my coolest ones hang out.

The women that truly are a Powerhouse. Who aren’t afraid to go out and get what it is that they want.

These are the girls that believe that success is their’s for the taking. They are prepared to do the fucking work for as long as it takes, until it takes, whatever it takes.

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